The mother of all fights Erin Soto


In the spirit of Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips and When Life Gives You Pears, The Mother of All Fights is an unflinching, practical, inspirational, and ultimately uplifting story of survival and renewal in the face of a devastating health crisis. 


Erin Soto was living the life of the average overly-committed mom and wife—managing her kids’ schedules and myriad household duties while struggling to find time for herself. She had shrugged off the warning signs that something was physically “off” until, finally, she could not ignore her health any longer. Her world came to a crashing halt when the mother of four was delivered a shocking diagnosis at age 37: Stage 3 colon cancer. 


The Mother of All Fights is an uncensored glimpse into the often harrowing and sometimes shocking twists and turns of life encountered on Erin’s journey toward healing her mind, body, and soul. She recounts her diagnosis and treatment; challenging conversations she had with her children; how she came to terms with questions about the future; and how she ultimately learned to use the experience as an opportunity to become deeply present in her life, connected with her body, and engaged with the world.


Offering readers struggling with illness or searching for peace in the wake of personal tragedy a path to find meaning in their darkest moments, The Mother of All Fights is both a deeply personal story and practical roadmap for thriving in the face of uncertainty and loss. 


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Erin Soto The mother of all fights

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