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 Author Erin Soto’s book, The Mother of All Fights: Everything Cancer Taught me About Living a Full and Vibrant Life is now available to purchase. 


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In the spirit of Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips and When Life Gives You Pears, The Mother of All Fights is an unflinching, practical, inspirational, and ultimately uplifting story of survival and renewal in the face of a devastating health crisis.
Erin Soto was living the life of the average overly-committed mom and wife—managing her kids’ schedules and myriad household duties while struggling to find time for herself. She had shrugged off the warning signs that something was physically “off” until, finally, she could not ignore her health any longer. Her world came to a crashing halt when the mother of four was delivered a shocking diagnosis at age 37: Stage 3 colon cancer.
The Mother of All Fights is an uncensored glimpse into the often harrowing and sometimes shocking twists and turns of life encountered on Erin’s journey toward healing her mind, body, and soul. She recounts her diagnosis and treatment; challenging conversations she had with her children; how she came to terms with questions about the future; and how she ultimately learned to use the experience as an opportunity to become deeply present in her life, connected with her body, and engaged with the world.

Offering readers struggling with illness or searching for peace in the wake of personal tragedy a path to find meaning in their darkest moments, The Mother of All Fights is both a deeply personal story and practical roadmap for thriving in the face of uncertainty and loss. 

I am a motivational speaker, author, wellness activist and Stage 3 cancer survivor.  I teach others how to take charge of their health & power. I believe that in order to treat disease we must treat the whole person; mind, body and spirit.  Here’s what you'll get for your FREE bonus gifts ~ valued at over $65!


Too often, your self-care gets lost amidst the daily demands of hustle and haste. You’re swamped taking care of your family or friends, work, home, finances, community, and likely way more than we can truly keep account for. Chances are that you are often the last one on the list.  

But here’s something I know for sure: When you begin nurturing yourself with tender loving care, you'll have more to offer to the world—including all the people and priorities you hold close to heart

That’s why I created this resource. It will help you reclaim control over your health and happiness. We will cover some of my top tips for how you can feel your best by placing self care back at the top of your priorities ~ where it deserves to be. 


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"With equal parts grit and grace, Erin Soto has accomplished a defacto "Magna Carta" on how to process and thrive, even in the face of the unthinkable. Soto's bold, unrelenting bravery in speaking the unspeakable strikes at the heart of a very uncomfortable conversation relevant to us all in the human experience, but rarely explored due to dated, often childish cultural taboos. Her feast of words bringing light, humor and warmth to this existential conversation is a visceral portrait in maternal courage and stamina. This moving book is a vital gift to anyone enduring the seemingly impossible and earth shattering. Soto's wealth of experiential insight serve as both a touchstone, and a warm, comforting blanket of wisdom. The raw storytelling emotion coupled with pragmatic practical tips are rare to find in books of this genre - worthy of a film or multimedia adaptation. Highly recommend."
-SI SI PENALOZA, Executive Travel & Wellness Editor, JETSET Magazine
"The Mother of All Fights" is a book I don't think I will ever forget. For the past few weeks, I can't stop thinking about all that Erin Soto went through. In just a few years, this mother of four who had more on her plate than most people endured the most challenging financial crisis a family can face and then was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer. She remained so strong throughout all of it. She not only persevered, but she also wrote a book to share her story. That in itself is no small feat. Anyone facing a difficulty of any kind could benefit from reading her story. She's an inspiration to me. She's an incredible woman who can offer a lot of guidance and hope to anyone going through cancer, or any challenge in their life."

-GREER WYLDER, Founder and Editor, Greer's OC and Journalist
"As a working mother, a wife, and a woman who has dealt with conquering advanced cancer, she speaks with the insight and kindness of a trusted friend, helping others unpack the limiting mind-sets that destroy their self-confidence and keeps them from moving forward following deep disappointment and life interruption."

"Erin's highly anticipated first book features her signature combination of humor, honesty, and no-nonsense, direct advice.  She has written a book about her experience with cancer, and I promise you're going to want to read this.  She's a truly talented writer who knows how to speak about the deep trauma and pain of surviving grave illness, yet managed to turn it into an affirmation for life."

"Captivating, raw, and vulnerable, Erin shares the harrowing details of what it's like to make sense of life with cancer. Sharing insights from her experience and research, she compassionately guides her readers through chapters of anticipated hardship towards a triumphant mindset on what it means to "thrive with cancer. This book is a must-read for anyone who has an opportunity to renew their commitment to a life lived with intention and purpose, transforming the reality of "learning to live when you feel like you're dying" from
despair to joy."



As a motivational speaker, author, wellness activist and Stage 3 cancer survivor, Erin Soto has built up loyal following of wellness enthusiast fans.


Upon receiving her life-changing diagnosis, and throughout her treatment and recovery, Erin dedicated herself to making meaningful and sustainable changes to improve her physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. With her personal experiences in hand, she is now committed to helping others take charge of their health.  The Mother of All Fights is her first book.

Erin established her own inspirational clothing and care bag line of gifts to support cancer patients, Mother Fighter Street Style; and created an online fan base by crafting raw and honest accounts of her journey and evolution of life well lived beyond cancer on her blog, No Regrets.

Erin lives in Rancho Mission Viejo, California with her husband, four children, dog, cat, bearded dragon, and leopard gecko.  Her greatest joy in life comes from being with her family.  When all six of of them are together, things may be happy, loud and/or a bit wild. They are often fondly referred to as the Sotos Locos!