Author Erin Soto

This blog is the evolution of my life well lived beyond cancer.  It is inspired by my desire to leave a lasting legacy in my best effort to help others live with more meaning and purpose after I discovered ways to live more fully over the last few years. 

Here you’ll find posts dating back to my cancer journey and beyond…from plant based kid tested and approved recipes to family friendly summer activities and crafts, to loungewear that I love to practical advice for living with more joy or improved health and wellness, my intention with every post is the same: to give you tools and show you everything that is possible for you to live your highest and best in this precious gift of life as you know it.


What is the coolest part about hosting a blog? It’s full of free valuable content. I hope you find it helpful and that you’ll check out my social feeds which all have different content to share. Above all else - remember this… I want you to know that you are not alone in the messy work of seeking meaning in your life and I want for you to live yours wildly free and audaciously full of purpose.  xoxo ~ Erin


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