Meal Plans

I talk to a lot of people who wish to adopt healthier eating habits, but simply aren’t in a place where they feel like they can go “all in” on a complicated, long-term program. Whether you’re overwhelmed with conflicting health advice on what to eat, dealing with chronic health issues, or perhaps you’re just feeling tired of being tired and need some help  to reset your path to wellness ~ my plant based meal plans are just for you!

I’ve created simple meal plans full of tasty plant based dishes that anyone can follow and the entire family will love.  Taking the time to plan your meals can have such a positive impact on your health. These programs will teach you how to create delicious body fueling meals.  You’ll learn just how easy it is to prepare and eat delicious, healthy meals that nourish your body and develop habits of wellness you'll stick with.     You just need the right recipes, tools and tips to turn your plate into a festival of healing flavor. 


Cancer taught me how to listen to my body. It brought me back to nature, the garden and my favorite space in our home ~ the kitchen. What you eat can either cause sickness or help you to heal and also work to prevent disease onset. That's an awful lot of power starting with what you place on your plate.   I used food as medicine working with skilled dietitians and nutritionists to develop recipes that champion the importance of plant-rich choices, to make nutrition an integral part of your whole health and happiness. My meal plans empower you with the inspiration to take that first step toward the healing diet you very much deserve.  

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7-Day Plant Based Family-Friendly Meal Plan

21-Day Plant Based Reset

Smoothies & Juices

Orange and Coconut
  • 7-day intro to plant-based eating that is easy to follow for a full week

  • 44 recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner + snacks

  • A prep checklist to make your plant based kickstart a breeze

  • Complete grocery shopping list including resourceful substitutions

  • Dirty Dozen™ & Clean Fifteen™ List 

  • + Bonus Recipes!

  • A 21-day meal plan the entire family will love that will cover THREE FULL weeks of meals that nurture!

  • Recipes galore to include breakfast, lunch, dinner and two daily snacks + desserts

  • A prep checklist to make your plant based kickstart a breeze

  • A complete weekly shopping list including resourceful substitutions guide

  • Dirty Dozen™ & Clean Fifteen™  List

  • + Bonus Recipes!

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