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How I Support The Cancer Movement

Serving as a cancer advocate to inform, inspire, educate and raise awareness has been critical to me in rebuilding my life after cancer.  I feel that I have been gifted with a second chance in life.  They say to never take the love this life gives you for granted.  This is why I want to turn around and help the next one in line to give back and to serve others facing this disease. 

Many people I have met through my cancer journey have inspired me, along with the many organizations dedicated to this cause that have touched my life. For that reason, I use a portion of the profit earned from sales on this website and my book to give back and to serve others facing cancer. 

I do this already through charitable donations made to some of my favorite cancer organizations.  I also provide inspirational and uplifting gifts including my popular cancer care bags donated directly to cancer patients.  Care Bags were designed with love using items that I personally never left for the hospital without.  Every gift inspires and provides much needed comfort. This can include the inspirational tote bag, cozy I am STRONG notes to self® socks, a plush blanket, Thriver, Fighter Warrior power statement Tee, signed copy of my book, The Mother of All Fights ~ and many more. 

Cancer can feel like an incredibly lonely experience ~ but it doesn't have to be.
Join me in this important movement today!  Help me provide uplifting gifts donated directly to cancer patients.  



Thanks to your contribution to support my Care Care Bags fundraiser, patients will receive care bags at infusion centers - and a real confidence boost. Your generosity can give these patients the resources and support they need.  I hope to create a movement and, based upon its success,  hold grand visions for the future.  My goal is to spark a pivotal action of people coming together to create positive change for good.  


Because of you, a fellow cancer fighter doesn't need to feel like their battle is such a lonely experience.  Your support will allow me to contribute with greater impact to those I wish to serve. Donations of any amount can be made on my Cancer Cancer Bag Donor box page here.   


You can truly make a difference.  A heartfelt thank you for your support!

Erin Soto