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I am a motivational speaker, author, wellness activist and Stage 3 cancer survivor.  I teach others how to take charge of their health & power. I believe that in order to treat disease we must treat the whole person; mind, body and spirit.  Let’s get started!

The mother of all fights Erin Soto



In the spirit of Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips and When Life Gives You Pears, The Mother of All Fights is an unflinching, practical, inspirational, and ultimately uplifting story of survival and renewal in the face of a devastating health crisis.
Erin Soto was living the life of the average overly-committed mom and wife—managing her kids’ schedules and myriad household duties while struggling to find time for herself. She had shrugged off the warning signs that something was physically “off” until, finally, she could not ignore her health any longer. Her world came to a crashing halt when the mother of four was delivered a shocking diagnosis at age 37: Stage 3 colon cancer.
The Mother of All Fights is an uncensored glimpse into the often harrowing and sometimes shocking twists and turns of life encountered on Erin’s journey toward healing her mind, body, and soul. She recounts her diagnosis and treatment; challenging conversations she had with her children; how she came to terms with questions about the future; and how she ultimately learned to use the experience as an opportunity to become deeply present in her life, connected with her body, and engaged with the world.

Offering readers struggling with illness or searching for peace in the wake of personal tragedy a path to find meaning in their darkest moments, The Mother of All Fights is both a deeply personal story and practical roadmap for thriving in the face of uncertainty and loss. 


Paperback, Hardcover, eBook and Audiobook available now!  
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My Favorite Lessons for Self-Care

My foundations to self-care support the wellness of your whole being.  In order to treat disease we must treat the whole person; mind, body and spirit.  Here’s what that looks like…

What You Eat & Drink

women drinking water

Discover foods that are equally delicious as they are nutritious.  Nourish yourself with foods (and drinks) that fuel and help you to heal.  What you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it.  Learn how to shop for non-toxic personal care and household products.

What You Think & Feel

love heart with hands

The mind and body are connected.  Matters of the head and heart are essential for optimal health and happiness.  Practice emotional wellbeing, reduce stress and discover how to cultivate peace of mind.  Mindset is the greatest form of medicine there is. 

How You Rest & Renew

women running

Prioritize adequate time to rest and recover which is equally as important as time for play and healing movement.  This form of self-care is the key to thriving health care.

Genuinely Useful Ways to Help a Parent with Cancer

Erin Soto with her child

There is no convenient age to receive a cancer diagnosis, but young adults, parents in particular, have to juggle a unique set of circumstances.  Life doesn't stop after your cancer diagnosis.  Bills still need to be paid,  kids need help with homework, errands need to be run, meals prepared; there are never-ending responsibilities that caring for a family entails. 

How to Eat Healthy and Get the Whole Family on Board

Adopting healthier eating habits can be hard. But it can be even harder when you face resistance from your family. Kids (and sometimes even spouses) can be picky and quick to turn their noses up to new foods. While a transition to cleaner eating family meals can seem daunting, having the support of your family can make eating healthy much easier and dare I say ~ a lot of fun!

FREE Guide: Cancer Patient Support + Resources

Have you or anyone you know been diagnosed with cancer?  What happens now?  It’s vital that you learn how to take care of yourself and make your body an inhospitable place for disease. You do that through your diet, stress reduction, healthy lifestyle practices, limiting environmental toxins, having a strong community, and for many, a higher power. You also do it by finding beauty in the little things and living on purpose for whatever time you have left.  


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