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Mother Fighter: A Supportive Roadmap to Living Beyond Cancer.
An extraordinary true story of survival, courage and discovery that will challenge the cultural dialogue around health and happiness.  I guide readers through the lessons that will teach you how to have courage to make big changes for improved health, increased quality and understanding of life.



Diagnosed with advanced stage three colorectal cancer at 37-years old, Erin Soto offers a fearless appraisal of what it means to be uncertain about your future - all while juggling the intensity of family life.  

Mother Fighter is an unflinching, uncensored examination of the often harrowing, sometimes shocking, and dehumanizing twists and turns of life experienced as a mother and wife living with advanced cancer.  It covers Erin's deeply moving exploration of the power of the human spirit and mindset needed to overcome catastrophic illness.  It's about holding onto hope, love, and laughter; and how to focus on the many miracles found in everyday life during the most desperate of times.

From Erin's hard-earned wisdom, this book is meant to help readers navigate a life crisis by sharing tips and resources to overcome disaster.  It recounts the actionable steps she took to live a better life while divulging the devastating chaos in her own.  Each chapter of Mother Fighter is told through her own personal experiences, struggles and triumphs; many of them include practical practices to put to work for you.  Get the support you need to care for yourself —mind, body and spirit.

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I want you to redefine previously held beliefs and concepts about how best to live fully.  In order to treat disease we must first treat the whole person - mind, body and spirit.  I understood that what was going on in my head and my heart was responsible for what happened inside of my gut (or, colon!).

There’s an unequivocal lesson to life that I try to encourage others to learn. My ultimate goal is to make you, the reader, want to jump out of your chair and feel more alive today than ever before.  If you only get one chance to live in this big, beautiful world, wouldn’t you want to spend time exploring how to get more out of your life?  Challenging it? Learning from it? Loving it? Yep, me too.

I hardly know what I’ll be doing tomorrow, because I live for today — the one thing we’re all promised.

Remember that year when your number one goal was to survive? Oh yeah, that’s right now!  They often say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? I’m betting on stronger. 

So here’s to making new memories, crossing off unfulfilled wishes, taking calculated risks, brushing aside uncertainty for the future, and skipping down the path less traveled to expand your horizons while daring to discover just how beautiful this thing called life really is.

You have walked tough paths before and will walk this one too while setting an example for others along the way.  

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Part of mental health is how well your mind processes and understands the information and experiences in your head. Your mind dictates the way you think, behave, and feel.  Your thoughts are powerful and have a direct connection to your health.  Discover how to improve mental wellness and work on your inherent self-worth, practice radical acceptance,  and release the need to control your outcome.  Learn to allow yourself to be vulnerable and live more mindfully.




The book offers a fearless appraisal of what it means to be uncertain about your future - all while juggling the intensity of family life.  There is no convenient age to receive a cancer diagnosis, but young adults, parents in particular, have to juggle a unique set of circumstances.  Life doesn't stop after your cancer diagnosis.  Bills still need to be paid,  kids need help with homework, errands need to be run, meals prepared;  there are never-ending responsibilities that caring for a family entails.  Learn how to best navigate the chaos of parenting while dealing with catastrophic illness and crisis.


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Allow for me to demystify the process of what really goes on following a cancer diagnosis.  If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, now what?  Consider this your guide offering an insider's perspective.  Cancer can feel like an incredibly lonely experience for many.  It doesn't need to be.  The one thing I wished I had was someone who could tell me exactly what to expect during treatment.  Let me be that friend for you.  I offer my best advice, helpful tips, and resources to ease common side effects.  This book is a supportive roadmap that bridges conventional and complementary medicine to set patients up for the best chance of thriving.

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Emotional behavior is concerned with the heart.  Emotional health involves your ability to manage and express the emotions that arise within from what you have learned and experienced in your life.  Learn to recognize the process of grief and how to cope with feelings often experienced following traumatic crisis. Emotional healing involves mastering heart-centered work, de-stressing, and learning to navigate your response to common triggers during times of turmoil so you can respond with grace and ease to best protect your health.  Emotional behavior paves the way for wellness.  Practice letting go of trauma, pain, and bitterness.  We will take steps to help with recovering from life catastrophe while increasing positivity so you can tap into the most powerful version of your greatest self.​




Did you know that 1 out of 3 Americans are expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime?  That statistic is not only alarming, but infuriating.  I went on a mission to learn everything I could about cancer following my diagnosis.  I discovered that there are seven common practices most cancer survivors use to increase their odds of beating cancer.  These best practices are the same tools that everyone can use in an effort toward prevention and what everyone needs to know for working toward improved health. We'll dive into what steps you can take today if you are sick, or just looking to protect yourself and those you love by learning habits of wellness.


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Discover how to connect through healing movement, and learn how to advocate powerfully for your physical health.  This book is a comprehensive guide for working toward achieving wellness of the body. Discover how to shop for non-toxic personal care products, what foods are considered part of the anti-cancer diet and learn how to not just feed, but actually nourish and fuel your body. We'll cover simple steps you can start today to help accomplish powerful results.



With wry wit and hard-earned wisdom, popular online personality and founder of Butt Kickerz Run for Colon Cancer and Mother Fighter Awareness Apparel, Erin helps readers in teaching how to navigate life crises by sharing tips and resources using the power of the human spirit and mindset to overcome disaster.   Read her debut book Mother Fighter, follow her blog for free weekly tips and check back every Tuesday for her latest No Regrets Column!

Founder of ButtKickerz Run to March for Colon Cancer and CEO of her own cancer awareness apparel line, Mother Fighter Street Style, Erin Soto has created an online fan base of of fans by sharing tips for living a better life while divulging the devastating chaos of her own. Now comes her highly anticipated first book featuring her signature combination of honesty, humor, and direct, no-nonsense advice.

From her hilarious rendition for how to best prepare for a colonoscopy revealing expert tips on procedure prep to a fantasy involving her dream home in Costa Rica to her son’s wish to Santa that all he wants for Christmas is Mommy to be home from the hospitable, Soto holds nothing back. With unflinching faith and tenacity, Soto spurs others to live with passion and unwavering hope to awaken their slumbering spirit.  

This book is her incredible true story of survival, courage and discovery that could transform the lives of everyone who reads it.  She hopes it will show others facing adversity in their own life the inspiration needed to overcome it.  

"You don't need to reach the light at the end of the tunnel when you can be the light in the midst of the darkness. Start living your best life today."

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Lifestyle expert Erin Soto is the founder of the popular website Butt Kickerz Run for Colon Cancer, CEO of her cancer awareness apparel line and author of Mother Fighter. She is a regular contributor for multiple media platforms and writes her own blog and column, No Regrets. She lives in Orange County with her husband and four children.



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